35th Annual City of Plano Parks and Recreation
Christmas Crafts Fair

Plano’s 35th annual Christmas Sale was very successful. Many of the talented craftsmen returned and their fans were back to see what goodies they had to offer for Christmas 2013. This was a first for me and 11 of my potter friends; we were given the whole “Community Room” which is located to the right of the main entrance. It is a lovely, large, bright room and a great location.  It was fun being back with my old potter friends for two days. The weather was a huge worry – the forecast was for a possible ice storm – which is not a good thing in Texas. Many of our loyal fans from the Collin College sales came by and the shoppers who come every year to Plano Christmas Sale came by to check us out. The threat of bad weather did not seem keep many people home. The sale was not only fun but it was a huge success, I hope we can get a group together next year and do it again! Until then I plan many happy days in my studio with my clay!

 - Mary Jo